Well-serviced bicycle, helmet, lights, water bottle/s, sunscreen

The ride will be on 3 July, 2022. Entry fees vary depending on your chosen distance.

123km Gran Fondo – $160

60km Bessie Point Loop to Gordonvale – $85

50km Yarrabah Loop – $85

25km Bessie Point to Gordonvale – $45

Riders are encouraged to raise a minimum $100 funds per entry. 

Registration will be open 1 hour prior to the event.

Because every cent donated, goes to its intended cause. We have deliberately kept registrations as low as possible to encourage you to fundraise. This does NOT have to come out of your pocket. Fundraising can be done in a multitude of ways and if you are out of ideas, drop us a line and we can help you. Every time you make a donation or someone donates to you, it is tax deductible and you or they will automatically receive a receipt when it is paid online via our website.

The ride is to encourage cyclists to give it a go, try something different.  It is a one day event and will be fun.

As long as you can handle the distance, you should be able to do the ride.

No, your bike does not need to be new but it does need to be in good mechanical order and recently serviced.

Hills!!! What hills? Yes there are a few but we like to call them undulations.

12 – 16 years with parental permission

Only if you want a coffee along the way.….