We understand that this event disrupts the usual flow of traffic, and appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout the duration of the event. Every effort is being made to consider individual circumstances and minimise the inconvenience placed on the community.

Contact us by phone: 07 3124 6099 or by email:

Types of road closures for this event 

Full Road Closure

Roads will be fully closed to traffic. Alternate routes will be provided and signed by traffic control; but plan ahead to ensure there are minimal delays.

*Note* Escorts are available for residents and businesses on course. We ask that you call the following number 30 minutes prior to departure: 0402 226 333.

Rolling Road Closure 

Under the rolling road closure for this race, the convoy can use both sides of the road and roundabouts, and a sterile zone from vehicles exits from the lead Police to the rear Police, in which no vehicle is permitted to drive for safety reasons.

Shared Road

Racing will be taking place on the road. Roads will be open to traffic as usual. Normal road rules apply.

Partial Road Closure

Pine Creek Yarrabah Rd between Gray Rd and Green Hill Rd southbound lane will be closed and traffic will be alternated through the one lane to
allow both directions of travel.

Rolling Road Closures – Encountering a Convoy

Residents encountering the convoy simply need to wait on the roadside for the convoy to move past quickly and follow Police instructions. Most times a wait of two to three minutes is all that the motorists will have to endure.  We thank you for patience.

If you somehow become entangled in a race, here are five simple guidelines to follow:

  1. Switch on vehicle hazard lights and start to slow
  2. Move to the left-hand side of the road slowly (after checking there are no bikes to your left)
  3. Wind down the windows and if need be signal with your arm your intention to move to the left hand side of the road (as cyclists cannot always see your lights)
  4. Stop your vehicle off the road if safe
  5. Do not proceed again, until the last Police vehicle arrives



It is with great disappointment that we must convey the unfortunate news that the Tour of the Tropics has been reluctantly cancelled for this year. We understand that many of you were eagerly anticipating the event and we share in your disappointment. 

The decision to cancel the race was not made lightly and was a result of several challenges that we all encountered this year. Among these challenges, we faced riders committed to overseas events, numerous late cancellations, and elevated travel and accommodation costs, all of which had a significant impact on our participation numbers and ability to provide a competitive and safe event. 

To our sponsors and supporters, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and continued commitment to the Tour of the Tropics. Your enthusiasm and dedication to our sport and the event have been a driving force for us, and we are truly grateful for your involvement in the event over the years. 

Looking ahead, we are steadfast in our determination to overcome these challenges and ensure that the Tour of the Tropics returns as a resounding success in 2024. To achieve this, we are carefully considering revised dates for next year’s event. Our investigations have led us to believe that holding the event in September could be more optimal, ensuring no conflicts with other events that attract similar interest. 

In closing, we want to reiterate our appreciation for your support and enthusiasm for the Tour of the Tropics. We remain committed to providing you with an exceptional and memorable event in the future. 

Wishing you all the best in your cycling endeavours, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming you back to the Tour of the Tropics Cycling Race in 2024. 

Thank you
#TOTT23 Team